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Detailed Public Product List

Ground Beef Products

Ground Beef Patties
80% lean / 20% fat
Ground Beef Patties
80% lean / 20% fat (5# Box)
Ground Brisket
Ground Brisket Patties
Ground Suet
Regular Ground Beef
80% lean / 20% fat
Regular Ground Beef
80% lean / 20% fat (10# Bag)
Tim's Finest Grind
90% lean / 10% fat
Tim's Finest Grind
90% lean / 10% fat (10# Bag)
Tim's Finest Patties
90% lean / 10% fat
Tim's Finest Patties
90% lean / 10% fat (5# Box)

Steaks - USDA Choice

Baseball Cut Sirloin
Beef Filet Tip Meat
Beef Tenderloin - Center Cut
Beef Tenderloin - Whole - In Bag
Beef Tenderloin - Whole - Trimmed
Bone-In Rib Eye
Chateau Briand
Flank Steak Trimmed
Flat Iron Steak
French Bone-In Rib Eye (Cowboy)
New York Strip
Porterhouse Steak
Rib Eye (Delmonico)
Sirloin Steak (Boneless)
T-Bone Steak

Roasts / Specialty Cuts of Beef

Beef Stew
Bone-In Short Ribs
Boneless Beef Short Ribs
Boneless Rib Roast (Prime Rib)
Brisket - Whole - In Bag
Brisket - Whole - Trimmed
Chuck Roast
Cube Steak
Eye of Round
Rump Roast
Sirloin Tip Roast
Stansing Rib Roast (Prime Rib)
Top Round

Pork Products

Baby Back Spare Ribs
Bone-In Country Style Ribs
Boneless Country Style Ribs
Boneless Pork Chops
Boneless Pork Roast
Bratwurst Link
Bulk Sausage
Casing Sausage
Crown Roast
Cubed Pork Tenderloin
Ground Pork
Ham Loaf
Link Sausage
Polish Sausage
Pork Belly
Pork Chops
Pork Filet Mignon B/W Seasoned
Pork Rib Tips Wide
Case Only
Pork Shoulder Bone-In
Pork Steak
Pork Stew
Pulled Pork
Sausage Patties
Spare Ribs

Chicken Products

Boneless Chicken Thighs
Boneless Chicken Breast
Chicken Leg Quarters
10# Bag
Cut-Up Fryers
8 Pcs
Diced Chicken Stew
Whole Fryers

Smoked Products

Boneless Ham - Pit
Bonelss Ham - Whole Round
Sliced Ham
Smoked Bacon
Smoked Pork Chops

Deli Items

Beef Jerky
Chicken Salad
Ham Salad
Summer Sauage
3# avg

Boxed Products - 5# Cases

Bacon Cheddar Burgers
1/3 lb Burgers
Beef Bones
Black Angus Hot Dogs
5 hot dogs per pound (Only available in 10# Case)
Bone-In Leg of Lamb
Boneless Leg of Lamb
Bratwurst Patties
1/3 lb Patties
Chicken Bacon Ranch Patties
1/3 lb Patties
Fisher Hot Dogs
Full Case Only
Jalapeno Bratwurst Patties
1/3 lb Patties
Lamb Chops
Pepperjack Burgers
1/3 lb Burgers

Due to market flucuation prices cannot be listed. Call (260) 482-8400 for current pricing.
All orders are custom cut per your specifications and can be cryovac packaged per your request. For example, 4 lbs of bratwurst links ordered can be cryovac packaged however requestd.

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