Delivering the best wholesale meat products available.

Serving the finest restaurants and institutions in Indiana with deliveries Monday through Friday. A small delivery fee may apply.
Our Fresh Quality Products

Restaurants / Institutions

We take great pride in providing our customers with best quality meat at the best price possible. Your customized order is packaged to your exact specifications and delivered directly to your door. Nothing is cut until you place your order. Now that's fresh!

Cut exactly to your specifications - portion control
No waste - every ounce purchased can be served
No mess since the trimming or boning has already been completed
Uniform cook time since all cuts are uniform in size, shape, and weight
Cuts are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and assist with storage space
Delivered directly to your door on orders over $100

Our Ground beef

Our ground beef is used by restaurants that have been recognized as tops in the nation for ground beef specialties.
Ground fresh daily
Delivered to your door daily (Monday - Friday)
Three blends available - 90/10 (Tim's Finest), 85/15, and 80/20
If desired, vacuum sealed to your specifications
Patties available from 2 oz. to 8 oz.

Whether you order steaks, burgers, pork, chicken, or beef... nothing is cut until you place your order!

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