Our Products

Serving Retail and Restaurants

Tim Didier Meats delivers Monday thru Friday.
Please call the store at (260) 482-8400 for delievery times in your area.

Breaded Items →

Get your items breaded in store using our signature recipe full of high quality ingredients that are bursting with flavor.

Deli Selection →

Choose from a full selection of deli products ranging from classic turkey breast to pulled pork salad. We also offer a wide variety of cheeses.

Chicken →

We offer a  wide variety of chicken options for your enjoyment. Each piece is expertly cut by our seasoned butchers. 

Ground Beef →

Our ground beef products come in variety of leanness, sizes, and flavors. From 2oz sliders to 10oz patties, let us meet your ground beef needs.

Holiday Items →

Show your family, friends, and employees how much you care with holiday items from Tim Didier Meats. There is nothing we can’t do!

Steaks →

Treat yourself to a high quality hand cut steak from Tim Didier Meats. All of our steaks are certified as USDA Choice or higher.

Pork Items →

Tim Didier Meats carries the highest quality and most delicious cuts of pork available on the market.

Pork Sausage →

Check out our wide selection of pork sausage products. Sausage patties available from 2oz to 8oz.

Roasts →

Tim Didier Meats carries a wide variety of roasts for your enjoyment and ideal for any occasion.

Smoked Selection →

Get an extra smokey, savory flavor available from Tim Didier Meats high quality smoked selection.

Tim Didier Meats also offers a full selection of veal and lamb products!